Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog - General Information

Weight: male: 105-140; female: 85-110 lbs

Height: male: 25.5-28.5, female: 23.5-27 inches

Color(s): black and rust, with white feet, chest, tail tip, muzzle, blaze, and possibly collar; rust color present on legs between white and black

Character: This is an alert breed, making him very good as a watchdog, however he is not aggressive so does not make a good guard dog. This dog is very courageous and will bark at the sign of intruders or odd noises.

Temperament: Dedicated, faithful, and loving, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog does make a very good companion. This breed is wonderful with children, and is usually very well mannered around other pets, however this breed likes to chase small animals, so he should be trained not to do so.

Care: Averagely shedding, a rubber brushing occasionally will suffice, or a brushing with a hard bristle brush. This will keep shedding to a minimum. Regular bathing is not needed, and a good wipe down should be enough for this easy to groom dog.

Training: The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is very intelligent and does well in many sports, including obedience. The trainer must be experienced as this is a large breed, however he is very eager to please and normal training methods keep his attention easily.

Activity: The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog generally does not need much exercise, however considering he is a large breed, occasional exercise should be provided. This breed will do all right without a yard, but he does love long walks.